The act Crazy Flight was created in 2002 ( Reggie D.Viskov). All participants are professional acrobats from Ukraine. They won the European championship 2001 in Faro (Portugal).

Since that time they performed at many events, gala shows as well as:


Da Capo-Darmstadt (Germany)
GOP - Essen, Münster, Bad Oeynhausen (Germany)
Apollo - Düsseldorf (Germany)


CIRCUS FESTIVAL Massy (France) 2005 - gold medal
Variete Festival in Dresden (Germany) 2009 - Second Prize


Arlette Gruss (France) season 2005


SF DRS "Benissimo"- Zurich(Swiss)
WDR "Pisa" (Germany)
TV Show - Latina (Italy),
TV Show - Madrid (Spain)
"Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde"- Paris (France)


"Tivoli" Denmark
"Little World" Nagoya (Japan)
Europa Park - Imperio Show (Germany) 2010
Europa Park (Germany) - season 2011-13


WOW Show Eilat (Israel)
"Himmel auf Erde" 2004 Zurich (Swiss)
"Feuerwerk der Turnkunst" Tour "Crazy" 2006 (Germany)
"Traumtänzer" GOP Tour 2006-07 (Germany)
Presentation "Infinity" car Moscow (Russia)
NGK Theatre (Japan)
Special Event with Franco Dragone in Wien (Austria)
Event for NOKIA in Lisbon (Portugal)
Special Event for Lufthansa
Special Event in Vigo ( Spain ) 2010
Event for VW 2010
Palazzo Stuttgart 2008-2009 (Germany)
Teatro Schuhbeck -2009-2010 (Germany)
Palazzo Mannheim 2010-11 (Germany)
Dinner Show Europa Park Burlesque 2011-12
Specia Event for BMW - France 2012